Meet the Artist

Hey friend, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm happy you're here!

I'm Cassidy, the artist behind CassidyMadeCo.

CassidyMade was created in July of 2020.

It began with a dream manifested years ago, a leap of faith, and a lot of hard work.

As a former Vet Assistant

and current pet caregiver for local pets in my area, it's safe to say I live a very pet-centric lifestyle. Being able to intertwine my two worlds of art and pets to create pet portraits for my fellow obsessed dog parents has been a dream come true.

My only hope when starting was to be able to spread a little bit of happiness to at least one person who happened to come across my page.
Since then, I have found an amazing community of pet parents and pet
lovers alike. I'm not quite sure where this journey will take me, or the true final destination, but I am so excited for this ride!

Hi there! I'm Aloy (she/her)

I'm the Sniffspector and lead supervisor at CMC! I sniff out and inspect all the happy mail to make sure everything passes our quality check. Every package gets my pawprint of approval before it heads your way. When I'm not hard at work, I love to eat and play fetch. I can't wait to help make your day a little brighter!

My Guardian Angel

My real life angel became my Guardian Angel on 4/15/23. I am who I am today because of her unconditional love and guidance, and my goal is to continue to make her proud with CMC, collaborations, and giving back. The kindness and support of this community as I continue to navigate this loss has been the warmest virtual hug and truly appreciate it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining and supporting me on this journey :)

Feel free to look around and stay awhile!

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